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68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice, by Kevin Kelly

It’s my birthday. I’m 68. I feel like pulling up a rocking chair and dispensing advice to the young ‘uns. Here are 68 pithy bits of unsolicited advice which I offer as my birthday present to all of you.

103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

Today is my birthday. I turn 70. I’ve learned a few things so far that might be helpful to others. For the past few years, I’ve jotted down bits of unsolicited advice each year and much to my surprise I have more to add this year. So here is my birthday gift to you all: 103 bits of wisdom I wish I had known when I was young.

Fighting Infomania: Why 80% of Your Reading is a Waste of Time

Toyota’s ability to kill it in the car market came from their (then) revolutionary manufacturing process: just in time manufacturing.

While Detroit and other car companies would pump out cars “just in case” they were purchased, Toyota would make them “just in time” for their orders. This saved them millions of dollars by minimizing unused inventory, and the cost savings allowed them to speed up their manufacturing process significantly with new technology.

What Toyota realized was that by creating cars just in time, they could move faster, respond to market changes quicker, and only make cars that they knew they needed.

You should approach tactical knowledge the same way.