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An elegant messages UI library for iOS


  • Media messages
  • Easily extensible
  • Highly configurable
  • Customize avatars
  • Customize chat bubbles
  • Customize cell labels
  • Customize toolbar buttons
  • Arbitrary message sizes
  • Data detectors
  • All devices, any orientation
  • Localized in over 15 languages
  • Group chat
  • Timestamp formatting
  • Copy & paste messages
  • UIDynamics for springy bubbles
  • Dynamic input text view resizing
  • Smooth animations
  • Sweet documentation


I initially developed this library to use in Hemoglobe for private messages between users.

As it turns out, messaging is something that iOS devs and users really want. Messaging of any kind has turned out to be an increasingly popular mobile app feature in all sorts of contexts and for all sorts of reasons. Thus, I am supporting this project in my free time and have added features way beyond what Hemoglobe ever needed.